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Cruising Myanmar

Cruising Myanmar

Cruising Myanmar on an exclusive  Catamaran SEA SPIRIT to Nature Islands in the untouched paradise of a Myanmar Archipelago – Islands, beaches and under water paradise you have never seen before.

Cruising Myanmar lets you discover, with us, the total uniqueness of our planet earth. The gorgeous Archipelago on the south west coast of Myanmar (Ex-Burma) is one of the last spots left untouched.  Here you can witness wild animals living freely and peacefully, while interacting with each other in their natural environment.

This is an opportunity to dive into a world which has not suffered any impact from modern civilization.  It is a once in a lifetime opportunity which can be shared and experienced with close family and friends, making it an unforgettable journey and creating long lasting, happy memories.

For more detailed information about Myanmar we recommend viewing the official Myanmar Tourism Webpage

Cruising Myanmar

Cruising Myanmar aboard the Lagoon 500 from Dolphin Yacht Charters

Cruising Myanmar

Cruising Myanmar on the luxurious, high-performance Lagoon 500 catamaran. The Sea Spirit has been brought new into Thai waters in 2012. Sailing Catamaran SEA SPIRIT has been custom modified 2012-2013 before first time starting charter operation as commercial charter business fully registered under Thai flag. Your can be one of the first charter guests on board!

Lagoon 500 SEA SPIRIT is a fully crewed luxury catamaran with qualified Captain and Thai Chef, however guests who are interested in learning some of the finer arts of sailing a large Catamaran will be welcome to a supervised in hands-on sessions at the helm. She is available for bareboat charter with one engineer on request also.

The architects of the Lagoon 500 have won a record number of awards for multihull designs and have incorporated the most recent advances in naval architecture in this magnificent vessel. Its speed and seaworthiness are outstanding.

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